March 16–18, 2020

Würzburg, Germany

Line Counting

Submissions have a line limit, rather than the traditional page limit. The limit is 175 lines.


EuroCG has traditionally used a compact double-column page layout, and a limit of 4 pages. This was changed in 2018 to a single-column layout which is easier to read on screens, but which is less compact, leading to a larger number of pages. The main reason for switching was the book of abstracts has not been physically printed for several years, and papers are more often read on screens, which makes the page limit less necessary. The decision to switch to a line limit follows naturally from this line of thought: without physical constraints, it is reasonable to present the contents or an article in a way that is as readable as possible, rather than as compact as possible. In particular, articles become more readable when they are more richly illustrated, and use headings and white space where appropriate.


To automatically count the number of lines in your submission you need the following two class files: eurocg20.cls and eurocg20-submission.cls. They provide a documentclass eurocg20-submission which you have to use for your submission.  A zip file containing an example of how to use the class file can be found here. The class files are adapted from the EuroCG19 class file used last year, and the SoCG19 class file used last year for the Symposium on Computational Geometry. Both are in turn based on the official LIPIcs class file. The class generally uses a similar layout as LIPIcs, but, as the workshop has no official proceedings, the “book of abstracts” is not affiliated with LIPIcs.

Many thanks go to Michael Hoffmann and Wolfgang Mulzer for their work on these class files.

The class file automatically counts lines, based on the lineno package. It should in most cases correctly count lines. However, there are some known instances in which it may not. In such cases, we expect authors to either work around these issues such that the package does count correctly, or adapt the number of lines of their submission to make up for the “miscount”. For example, it is known that display formulae typeset with $$-$$ will result in the lines of the following paragraph to not be counted. This can be easily fixed by using \[-\] instead. For a more extensive list of examples, refer to this page.