The DisLog Developers' Toolkit DDK and
the Deductive Database System DDBase

by Dietmar Seipel

The DDK is a collection of Prolog libraries including features from
data and knowledge engineering, databases (relational, XML, deductive), ontologies, and non-monotonic reasoning.
The deductive database system DDBase is part of the DDK.

The DDK is developed in SWI-Prolog.

The Prolog Library DDK

The DDK project started with building a system DisLog for non-monotonic reasoning in disjunctive deductive databases.
In the meantime a variety of packages for different purposes has been implemented: Most of the packages are equipped with graphical user interfaces,
that have been developed in the object-oriented extension XPCE of SWI-Prolog.

The DDK can be obtained as a tgz-archive (of about 8 MB) at the following address:

The Deductive Database System DDBase

DDBase uses the extension Datalogs of Datalog with function symbols.
Rule bodies can contain embedded Prolog calls and default negation.

It is possible to have bottom-up and top-down evaluation in one system.
Datalogs can evaluate logic programs with Prolog syntax (extended Datalog programs) in a bottom-up style;
it is designed to evaluate embedded Prolog calls in a top-down manner.

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