DisLog - Graphical User Interface

This graphical user interface allows to apply a DisLog operator to a disjunctive logic program. You can choose a type of Semantics. Then you will get a form where you can select a special operator, enter a program, and apply the operator to it.

Semantics of Disjunctive Logic Programs

DisLog provides the following approaches for evaluating logic programs:

Syntax of Disjunctive Logic Programs

A disjunctive logic program is a collection of Prolog-style rules of the form

A1 ; ... ; Ak :- Ak+1 , ... , Am , ~ Am+1 , ... , ~ An .

where `;' denotes disjunction, `,' denotes conjunction, and `~' denotes default negation.
The rules must be range-restricted, which means that all variable symbols occuring in a rule must occur in at least one of the positive body atoms Ak+1 , ... , Am .